Sunday, June 08, 2008

Like library books, my thoughts are overdue.

1. 20 dollars to recover my stolen bike.

Perhaps I should haggled, believed he was the one who stole my bike, called the police.

I could say I was trying to respect the dignity of the black man with my stolen bike, believe his story about buying my Motebucane for 20 bucks.
Or that I was just trying to avoid a fight, a scene between a college educated white woman, and man with six kids and six gunshot wounds on the corner of Adams and Normandie, to an audience of earlier morning commuters and drunks.

I missed the bus. I was already late for work. He showed up on the 37 bus I was about to board, with my bike locked to the front with a piece of chain. When I accused him, he laughed friendly, 'you from this neighborhood?'

I wanted my bike. I paid him 20 bucks. and didnt feel bad about the interaction until, when finally arriving to work, my co-workers giggled and laughed, not at the sheer luck of finding the man who was riding my stolen bike, but at the fact that I paid for my own bike. It hadn't seemed strange to until then.

2. Healings are like sunsets and sunrises.

According to Anges Sanford, author of Healing Light, the electicity of God is available at the flip of switch. The law of God, which is Love, can not be broken, like the Law of Gravity, unlike the 10 commandments which broke upon perfect inscription. But we refuse to flip the switch of faith, and to check the wiring when we do. We have placed so many blockades against this electricity, the law of love, this water, the living water from flowing to us, that healing are now miracles and not commplace glories like sunsets and sunrises.

I believe our God heals. We need to thank him in advanced for his healing work in this city, in this body, and pray with courage. We need not be afraid. Of failure. of sickness. The father of lights, who never changes, gives gifts abundantly. There is no scarcity of love, of healing, of miracles.

3. Somewhere over the rainbow in reverse. I travel to a place that is more just white than colorful, and there are tornados.

A hop, skip and a jump away is a place called Indiana (named for being Indian land) where are are no indians. I am going to move there. I hope running through grassy fields will replace the feeling of diving into the ocean. Of smallness and being held by God. I hope driving to Chicago to see a Great Lake, and driving to Kentucky to see how other people live, and driving to Wisconsin to visit friend will happen. I have started a list of activities I want to do while living away from California. Los Angeles. The city were nobody smiles unless they are on TV.

4. Sugar.

An addiction nobody talks about is sugar. The other white substance that is perfectly legal and leaves a slower trail of death when abused. Teeth decay and Diabetes. I think I was addicted. But then one day I was reading about thyroids and the do's and don't's and they said to give up sugar, and artificial sweetener. I started this experiment on a Wednesday afternoon. Cold Turkey. How I craved the cookies that were free and every where. but with a new found inner strength and thoughts of my thyroid, i realized, I didnt need these cookies. And they were not that good anyway. It has been one week and 4 days. I have had one Somalian chai latte, a jewish deli cookie (small), and a Margarita. After the chai, i felt sick. the bite size cookie was delicious, and I couldn't finish the over sugary Margarita. Tomatoes are sweeter now. Fruit more lovely. I feel not a slave to the mood swings of sugar and I like it. I never knew this was possible.


Brenda Susan said...

wow, I have been sitting here reading lots of your blogs, you are a fun read!
Google took me to you cause I was looking up the name of a Philippino drink I was given as a gift: Malakan yan. Just got back from a short mission trip there, Bacolod City.
Anyway i love your writing & your thinking, very real & fresh...whatever that means! Ha! Still don't know what the drink is, but it's's in a small carved out coconut.

Danielle said...

Aless! Love reading this. You are so insightful, and I feel so proud to have known you and am grateful God allowed our paths to cross! About the sugar thing...yes, its an addiction, one that i've broken, then gotten back onto, and am now in the process of breaking the addiction once again. Thanks for the encouragement!!